Mock Playoffs 2018

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Rockets vs Timberwovles

The Rockets are just be too overpowered offensively for the Wolves to handle. Although, with some defensive pieces like Jimmy Butler they will be able to stop the Rockets for two games.


Thunder vs Jazz

This series could go either way. The young Jazz are a stellar defensive team but the Thunder just have more veterans and stars with Westbrook, George and Melo. So the Thunder will win but it will go down to 7 games.

Trail Blazers vs Pelicans

The Blazers have an outstanding back court, but who will slow down Anthony Davis? The Pelicans have Jrue Holiday and Rondo to control the Blazers Lillard and McCollum. With no one to stop him AD will go off.


Warriors vs Spurs

Many think that the Warriors were going to be in trouble in the playoffs with a shaky finnish to the regular season with many injuries, but they will turn it on. Without Kawhi the Spurs are doomed.


Rockets vs Thunder

The Thunder will put up a fight in this six game series, but James Harden and Chris Paul will be too much for the Thunder back court to guard. Paul George will guard Harden well but with all of the rest of the Rockets firepower the Thunder will stand no chance once the Rockets catch fire.

Warriors vs Pelicans

The Pelicans will be confident after winning their first playoff series since 2008 and their 2nd ever. But the Warriors will be too good with Steph back. The reason the Pelicans take two games is because AD will carry them. 


Rockets vs Warriors

This will be a good one. Even better than the NBA Finals. It will come down to game seven and with home court advantage the Rockets pull through. These will be high scoring games with two of the leagues best offenses going at it. Game seven prediction 112-110 with The Beard hitting a step back cold blooded game winner. 



Raptors vs Wizards

In this first round match up the much stronger Raptors will beat the Wizards. The Wizards are still getting used to having John Wall back and are still adjusting. The Raptors are hot and no way the Wizards beat them. .

Cavilers vs Pacers

This will be a good one, another Lance vs Lebron. This will go down to the wire with each team winning their games by huge margins. The only close game will be game 7 and it will be low scoring.

76ers vs Heat

It will be cool to see what D-Wade brings but the 6ers with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are just to strong for the aging heat.


Celtics vs Bucks

With Kyrie out for the playoffs this could be one of the best round one matchups in the east. With Giannis going up against the well coached Celtics. This will be a fun one the watch but in the end the Bucks pull through.


Raptors vs Cavilers

The Cavs will be tired after going to 7 games with the Pacers and will have trouble keeping up with the Raptors. But as we all  know Lebron is a beast, so he will carry the Cavs to 7 games against the Raptors.

76ers vs Bucks

The Bucks will not be ready for the star filled 76ers after just facing the Celtics. Giannis, the Greek Freak will go off, but with no one to stop Embiid the 6ers will win in 6.


Raptors vs 76ers

In this years ECF you will have an experienced Raptors team who wants to make their mark in the playoffs and you have a really young 6ers team. The 6ers will lose just due to their inexperience.


Rockets vs Raptors

The best of the East versus the best of  the West. The Rockets will show off with James Harden leading the way. The Raptors will fight but will be very outmatched. DeRozen will give the Raptors a few high scoring nights but so will the Beard. James Harden will average 30+ ppg in the Finals with the Rockets taking it in 6 games.