NBA Offseason

LeBron James, Age 33

LeBron will leave the dysfunctional Cavs and join the Rockets with his good friend CP3. Harden, LeBron, CP3, Capela and the Rockets will be even more ready to compete with the Warriors.

Projected Deal: 3 years 60 million.


Paul George, Age 27

George will decide to play for his hometown team the Lakers. The Lakers have enough money to sign two max contracts so they will be able to pair up Paul with another All Star caliber player.

Projected Deal: 4 years 175 million.

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DeMarcus Cousins, Age 27

Cousins will stay on the Pelicans on a bellow max contract. He wants to stay with AD because they create the most powerful front court in the NBA. he wont get a max due to his uncertainty after his Achilles tear. 

Projected Deal: 2 years 45 million team option 

Clint Capela, Age 23

Capela might try to sign somewhere else and the Rockets will match it or he will resign with the Rockets knowing they're a favorite for the title with LeBron.

Projected Deal: 4 years 100 million

Aaron Gordon, Age 22

Gordon will command a large contract to stay on the quiet Magic. Or he will try and sign else where and the Magic will match it.

Projected Deal: 4 years 110 million

Zach LaVine, Age 23

Zach still hasn't returned to his pre torn Achilles state, he needs to do so for a team to offer him a large contract. The Bulls will retain LaVine for prove it deal.

Projected Deal: 2 years 25 million

Kevin Durant, Age 29

No doubt that KD resigns with the Warriors on a team friendly deal. 

Projected Deal: 2 years 30 million


Chris Paul, Age 32 

Chris Paul will resign with the Rockets with a pay cut to allow LeBron to sign with Houston as well and for Capela to resign. Just watch this video it just makes you want him to sign with the Rockets VIDEO

Projected Deal: 3 years 30 million.

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DeAndre Jordan, Age 29

Jordan will sign with the Cavilers on a near max contract. He will want to play for a contender. He will bring a much needed low post threat and paint protector to the Cavs.

Projected Deal: 4 years 130 million

Jabari Parker, Age 23

The Bucks wont want to offer Parker a max due to his injury history but a young team like the Bulls will take a chance on him with their plethora of cap space.

He was the second overall pick for a reason.

Projected Deal: 3 years 85 million

Isaiah Thomas, Age 29

Most teams will stay away from Thomas due to his hip problems and bad play in 2018. But some teams will low ball him like the Spurs and why wouldn't Isaiah want to play for Pop?

Projected Deal: 2 years 35 million, team option

Carmelo Anthony, Age 33

Melo is past his prime and coming off his worst year ever. He will most likely stay with the Thunder or go to a playoff contender in need of a #1 or 2 guy offensively like the Heat.

Projected Deal: 2 years 35 million.